Creating Cutting Edge Textures – dDo Legacy

Specifically designed for Quixel’s dDo Legacy!

Be sure to check out the YouTube video below!

Over 100 minutes of personilized instruction!!

Videos in mp4 format.

There’s a revolution on, and it is HUGE.

Why? Because modelers have wrestled with textures for decades. You know all about that, right? You know the most intricate model in the world has little appeal if the texture is no good or even just acceptable. You know today’s competitive 3D world demands irresistible materials, if a modeler wants to be noticed.

Create a run of the mill texture, you don’t need a crystal ball to predict what’ll happen. A user’s eye will slide right over the model with the blah materials, in favor of a model textured with flash and panache.

So show me a 3D artist who doesn’t want to create killer textures. Now, show me one who can. Uh huh…kick-ass texture artists are few and far between. But how can you paint all those crazy beautiful materials onto a UV map, if you’re not a descendant of an Old Master? And how do you deal with the cognitive dissonance caused by switching brain gears? Going from geometrics to painting is enough to cause split brain syndrome.

There is a cure for what ails ya. A revolution is on, remember? Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you CAN make detailed texture maps, including specularity and normal maps (yay-uh!), WITHOUT painstakingly hand-painted details. How? With DDO, a material app by Quixel that plugs right into Photoshop! Is DDO expensive? Not at all. You can get it for the price of a good, sit-down dinner.

No way, you say! Yeah, boy — and the new video set by Dark Edge Design will guide you through the process. It’ll hold your hand, even. Well, not really, but you’ll feel like it. Who needs hand-holding though, when the workflow is so much fun! And using DDO IS fun. Good, old-fashioned fun, rolled up with today’s cutting edge technology. Oh, man, you’ll be high as a Georgia pine, and you’ll generate knock ’em dead textures, too. And if you simply must (I MUST! I MUST!) hand-paint a few details, you can. Paint as many as you want or as few as you please. This process is not dictatorial.

Afraid to tackle big league texturing because you’re a beginner? Don’t be, unless you’re not into bigger is better. Why not learn from the best, from the get-go? What about this? You can preview your maturing textures while you work! I know, you can do that with other apps, but not in living, spinning color that’s so vivid you’ll think you’re watching an high def movie.

Is this all smoke and mirrors? You better believe it, but it’s high tech smoke and mirrors. And you can learn to blow smoke with the best of them. You can become a premier texture artist, the texture artist you’ve always dreamed of becoming, with Cutting Edge Textures, by Dark Edge Design.