Cyber Stealth Compound Bow

Cyber Stealth Compound Bow

This compound bow is no an usual one- it works! And it has wearables, and H.Poses for Genesis 3 Male, Genesis 3 Female, Genesis 8 Female, and the Cyber Stealth-BodySuit.

It comes with four material textures, and a stealth shader, which is perfect for the stealth one on the Cyber Stealth-BodySuit.

It come with H.Materials, what does this mean? Well this means, that you can select the figure or anything of the compound bow, and change all materials at once!, that is not only adding the arrows, all of them, but also the releasing aid, yes this set comes with a release aid to give you the ultimate realism at the time of a render holding the arrow ready to shot, or when already fired.

To help get this ultimate holding and releasing poses, we have the H.Poses, specially designed for all the supported figures. They pose not only the figure, but also the weapons. They pull the string and place the little holder on the release aid, put the arrow on the bow, turn the cams, and bend the limbs. On the firing arrow pose, all returns to its original position and the arrow is fired.