DA Dagger/Knife Pose Set


Combining modern, ancient and fantasy styles. Designed to work with any knife prop or even without a knife. The poses easily translate to virtually any melee type weapon easily. Most poses are designed to work with either a single weapon or dual wielded weapons, you can use the partial hand poses to relax or grip the hand. And easily customize each pose to fit your needs.

This pose pack contains:

Single poses – 21 Genesis 2 Male(s) plus 21 Genesis 2 Female(s).

Dual Poses (Two Figure Matching) – 24 Genesis 2 Male(s) plus 24 Genesis 2 Female(s).

Partial hand poses -8 Genesis 2 Male(s) and 8 Genesis 2 Females(s) Left hand and right hand.

Wearable presets for Dagger Dreams knife set – 24 Genesis 2 Male(s) and 24 Genesis 2 Females(s) Left and right hand, reverse or forward knife position.*

*Included as a bonus is a set of wearable presets for use with the free Dagger Dreams pack available here at DAZ. Each wearable preset is saved complete with a hand pose for easy modification of existing poses. Dagger dreams is required for wearable presets only

Also included is a mirror pose script to flip any pose with a single click.