Day to Night Bundle Plus – V4-A4-Elite & Small Lovely XI


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? Day to Night Prime
? Day to Night
? Day to Night Bundle
? Day to Night Plus

? 2 objects

? 1 super conforming skirt cr2

? 1 super conforming choker cr2

? 122 Textures including maps

? 15 MAT Poses for the skirt
? 39 MAT Poses for the top
? 14 MAT Poses for the choker

? P6+ Materials

? 2 How to tutorials and psd files

– Super conforming Skirt Morph List>

? Dynamic Morphs Body:

Hide Lower Skirt
Undress (requires adjust Hips)
Front Waist Down
Left Back Up
Right Back Up
Lower Right Side-Side
Lower Left Side-Side
Lower Back In-Out
Lower Back In-Out2
Lower Front In-Out
Upper Left Up-Down
Upper Left Side-Side
Upper Right Side-Side
Upper Front In-Out
Upper Back In-Out



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