DAZ Presets For !Inked v1 & v2

DAZ Presets For !Inked v1 & v2

This is a set of DAZ Studio Presets to apply the tattoos from !Inked Vol1 and !Inked Vol2 by Shana.

Note: that in DAZ|Studio 2 you will not see any difference in the !Inked Vol1 or !Inked Vol2 folders. In DAZ|Studio 3 you will see an icon in the upper left corner of the thumbnails to signify that there is also a DAZ Script associated with the thumbnail. The Remove all thumbnail does nothing within DAZ|Studio.

DAZ Studio does not have the limit of only one tattoo for a material zone. Your only limit is the memory capacity of your computer. THESE ARE ONLY DAZ PRESETS(SCRIPTS).

Product Requirements:!Inked Vol1, !Inked Vol2