Daz Studio : Getting Started with Animation

Daz Studio : Getting Started with Animation

Take the next step in telling your story

If you are a storyteller and love creating visual narratives, a natural step is to explore animation with DAZ Studio. But where do you start?

By utilising aniMate2 (by GoFigure 3D), a tool already incorporated in DAZ Studio, Ivy Summers introduces you to the world of animation, teaching you about the animation timeline and native puppeteer function. She’ll go onto talk about other essential tools and methods to enable you to begin your journey and expand your skills and knowledge.

Get started quickly with these tutorials, where Ivy will help you create your first animation with 30 to 60 keyframes in length.

This tutorial product includes:-

1) 3.5 hours of tutorial recordings.

2) A pre-saved user interface layout to get you up and running for your DAZ Studio animation workspace.

3) A floor prop to get you started with animating a walking character.

Learn how to set up the animation work environment

a. Setting up Daz Studio User-interface to speed up your workflow.
b. Get organised! Setting up a basic file management, for your animation project.
c. Storyboards and project scripts
d. Animation assets? What are they?
e. Beginning and saving your animated project.

Master animation timelines

a. Learn about the built in Daz Studio Native Timeline.
1. What are keyframes?
2. Touch on the basics of using the puppeteer for setting up animated poses.

b. Introduction to the AniMate2 plugin. Learn the basics of the AniMate2 Plugin by
GoFigure. Demonstrate the power of using AniMate2 timelines.

c. Introduction to aniblocks & MOCAPS ( preset motions files) to use with the
AniMate2 timeline. A simple demonstration on how using preset motions
files and why would you use them.
d. More about Keyframes & Editing them with the license version of animate2
e. Saving your Animation as a Animate Preset to share for other projects or to
share with other artist..

Learn Basic Lighting Skills for Speed Rendering.

a. Setting up a scene using AOA lights for quick 3Delight Rendering.
b. Rendering Animation with Iray. Recommended Iray render settings to speed up render times.
c. Essential shadow and display setting cheats to speed up your renders.
C. How to use Spot & Emissive Lights with the AniMate2 Keyframes for simple light-effects…

Rendering your animation

a. Introduction & Demonstration into Render settings & file Options used for a Daz Studio animation.
b. The Daz Studio render settings for 3delight.
c. The Daz Studio Render settings for Iray

Saving and Showcasing your Animation

a. File options to save your finished animation for film editing
b. Options for showcasing on social media.