DAZ Studio Shadow Master

Intimidated by shadows in DAZ Studio? Can’t get them to work for you, and spending too much time on trial & error:ing your way forward? Or maybe you already love shadows, but want to take them to the next level. Then Shadow Master is for you.

You get the following:

  • 1. How to use shadows inside DAZ Studio to dazzle your renders like never before
  • 2. How to get confident with shadows in no time
  • 3. How the different shadow types affect your art
  • 4. How different light types offer different kind of shadows
  • 5. How to create fake shadows inside DAZ Studio, without using Photoshop
  • 6. How to take things to the next level, by adding fake shadows using Photoshop
  • 7. How to add Photoshop created shadows inside DAZ Studio for spectacular effects
  • 8. How to use shadows in a creative way, creating special effects and horror
  • 9. Four modules PACKED with shadow effects you know of, but never got the hang of, and effects you never even knew existed
  • 10. How to create a shadow effect like the one you see in the promo image, entirely inside DAZ Studio
  • BONUS: How to speed up shadow rendering 3-10 times
  • BONUS: Invisible plane that catches shadows, awesome for mixing with photos so that your characters actually cast shadows. (DS 4.6+ version and DS 4.8 version)