De La’Morte M4

An Elvan character themed on the Dark Ones, With Bearded and Smooth Head Textures, in either?Scarred or Poisoned Veins options, with an array of beautiful eyes to transform him?from his Evil twisted side into a more softer Male Elf, or Human (Both Elf and Human Head Injects?are Included)?

Product Includes:
Elf Head and Body INJ/REM For M4
Human Head INJ/REM For M4

Base Texture (Apply 1st)
2 Head Options (Bearded : With Poison Spread or Just Scars)
2 Head Options (No Beard : With Poison Spread or Just Scars)
2 Body Options (Poison and Scarred)
9 Eyes
2 Glowing Eyes (These will NOT work in D|S)