dForce Fur and Feather Boas for Genesis 8 Female(s)

dForce Fur and Feather Boas for Genesis 8 Female(s)

Add a touch of elegance to your portraits and figure renders with this classic boa set!

dForce Fur and Feather Boas will work with all figures, all character shapes and all props – if you can load it into Daz Studio, you can drape a boa around it.

Choose between long and short boas, feathers and fur and two different rigging setups: The center-controlled rig allows you to pose both tails independently, starting from the center of the boa. The tip-controlled rig allows you to pose the entire length of the boa starting from one end.

The set also allows for maximum flexibility in simulation. You can make the boa move with the figure for an animation, or simply calculate the current frame for a still render, whatever works best for you and your scene.

A dozen starting poses (plus their mirrored versions) for wrapping the boas around Genesis 8 Female are included; they can be adapted to work with other figures and you can set up your own poses.

Add these Boas to your library and start playing now!

Note: The use of dForce Hair to create feathers is an unorthodox and somewhat experimental use of the dForce hair feature. You might need to use some postwork on close-up renders.

To use the feathers you will need Daz Studio or higher!