dForce – Gladiatrix for G8F

dForce – Gladiatrix for G8F

What’s Included & Features

Figures (.duf)
—1 dForce Ready Garment

dForce Surfaces Presets
—Skirt Curly Hem
—Skirt Expand 130%
—Top Expand 120%
—TopCape Curly Hem

—1 Invisible Ground Plane

Preset Iray Materials shaders and Partial Shaders(.duf)
—1 Plain White Base plus 21 Bases
—7 Bump Maps plus OFF, Includes 4 bump strengths
—80 Diffuse Colour Partial Shaders
—14 Gloss Options plus OFF
—3 LIE Lace options
—7 LIE panel Overlays
—1 LIE Opacity Thickener
—2 LIE Metallic Flake 50% Plain Overlays
—80 Metallic Flakes Colour Partial Shaders
—Various Metallic Flakes Options including Roughness, Density settings,
—— ON, OFF, Plain, Blank out
—5 Metallicity Strengths
—25 Transparencies and Transmap options
—10 Premade Materials

—Smooth ON and OFF
—1 Simulation Setting

—Cape Hem Wider
—Skirt Points Down
—Top Inflate
—Tweaking-Shoulders Back
—Tweaking-Shoulders Inflate
—Tweaking-Tighter Waistband

Two illustrated guides have been included in this pack for full instructions.

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