dForce – Lounging Pant Suit for G8F

dForce – Lounging Pant Suit-G8F

What’s Included & Features

Figures (.duf)

-1 dForce ready dress


-1 invisible ground plane

dForce Surfaces Presets

-Default for both items, pants expand 105% and 110%, and Top Hem Stretch

Preset Iray Materials (.duf)

– Blank White Material Base

– Blank White Shader

– 14 Base Patterned Materials

-67 Diffuse Colour Partial Shaders

-67 Gradient Colour Partial Shaders (Metallic Flakes)

-12 Metallic Flakes Patterns, plus Plain and OFF Partial Shaders

– Lace Trim for Top and Bottom (Metallic Flakes Option)

– 18 Bump Partial Shaders plus OFF Partial Shader

– 6 Gloss Partial Shaders plus OFF

– 5 Metallicity Strength Partial Shaders

– LIE seams

-10 Premade Material Textures


-1 Simulation setting plus Smoothing ON and OFF options

A guide is also included to get you started.

Please note that this garment requires draping using the dforce simulations within DAZ Studio 4.10+


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