dForce Lynette Hair for Genesis 8 Females

dForce Lynette Hair for Genesis 8 Females

dForce Lynette Hair is a classic side-parted short to medium-length style. Using Daz’s dForce Hair, Lynette Hair is a highly realistic hairstyle with every hair individually rendered giving you unprecedented realism.

dForce Lynette Hair comes with a range of styling presets which can be used with or without draping to give a huge range of looks – this might be my most versatile hair yet! You can combine presets for the fringe, various lengths, styles, waves and wind effects for innumerable permutations.

The 30 realistic and fantasy hair colors all feature a blend of tones to give a highly realistic result, plus I have included a choice of shines. There are various options for clumping and stray hairs and you can change the length of the hair after draping for even more variety and control in the way it looks.

dForce Lynette Hair is perfectly suited to contemporary, fantasy and science fiction scenes, so you are certain to find your favorite look to enhance the realism of your characters!