dForce Master – Hair Simulation Presets for dForce Cloth Engine

Have you ever created a perfect pose, just to be ruined by gravity-defying hair?

Have you ever wanted to create some beautiful hair scene, just to be ruined by the limitation of hair morphs?

Have you ever tried to simulate hair in the all new dForce engine, just to get repeated explosions and simulation failures?

Now, the frustration is over!

Introducing the first product of the dForce Master Series – the dForce Hair Simulation Presets for dForce Cloth Engine!

The simulation preset is designed to offer the best compatibility of hair simulations in dForce Cloth Simulation Engine, achieving the best result while minimizing the chance of a simulation failure!

Simulate your hair now, as simple as clicking a few buttons, and say no more to gravity-defying hair!

With the simulation presets, you can be adventurous, and attempt crazy hair arts and animations that are never possible before. Or you can be simple, making your hair resting naturally on any surfaces!

There are many simulation presets for your selection, from normal soft hair presets to puffy hairs, from wind node ready presets to wet hair presets, or even presets for different hair parts like bun, ponytails, fringe and more!

The product also comes with a detailed, image based tutorial on how to simulate your hair in dForce Engine!

It’s time to go on a brand new journey with hair simulation in dForce Cloth Engine!

This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer


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