dforce Priestess of the Sun for Genesis 8 Females

dforce Priestess of the Sun for Genesis 8 Females

To be used with dForce and Iray.
This product pack for your Genesis 8 Females, will change them from your typical, average Mary Sue character to a total Solar Juggernaut of Righteous Smiting!

What you will get with this pack:
– Golden Superhero Suit (corset + bra; can be hidden separately)
– A pair of Solar Sandals (that were made for walking all over evil)
– A cosmic print Hoodie (since super heroes need to hide their identities, otherwise the paparazzi will stalk the daylights out of them)
– A Solar print embroidered Tabard (capes are so 2010, tabards are all the rage; choker and fabrics can be hidden separately)
– A Solar Chakra (originally called a Halo, but that name was apparently taken by some guy who may have won Master Chef? ; all three rings can be morphed and hidden separately and the Chakra can also be animated)
– A Solar Staff (ancient magicks here, there’s a Sun enclosed inside the staff…INSIDE the staff! ; inner ring and core can be hidden and animated separately)

So if your scenes are running amok with all kinds of bad guys and you are holding out for a hero till the end of the night, this set will give you exactly what you need and turn your Genesis 8 Females into a gold-belt-grade Priestess ready for some serious butt-kicking!

The product promos shown have been created inside the current public release build of Daz Studio using Iray, and it is recommended to use the caustic sampler while rendering the staff to create the best looking illumination effects.
The shader used for the crystal-head in the staff reacts to all the background illumination (including HDRi and dome lighting) as well as the angle and rotation of the inner ring and core place inside the crystal-head. This allows for darker scenes to create different looking lighting effects than brightly lit scenes.

All wardrobe pieces come with all the necessary fitting morphs for the core Genesis 8 Bodyshapes and with dForce simulation along with AutoFit they can conform to nearly all Genesis 8 Female character shapes.

Textures are mostly created either in 4k resolution and a couple are in 2K resolution. Also, this product includes HD normal and displacement maps.

REQUIREMENTS: DS 4.10 (for dForce) . Genesis 8 Female.

(Please refer to the readme for lots of tips and tricks on working with dForce simulations.)