dForce-T-Bar Dress for G8F

What’s Included & Features

Figures (.duf)
– 1 dForce ready Dress

-1 Invisible Ground Plane

Iray Materials (.duf)
-1 Blank Material and Shader
-17 Base Materials
-1 Blank Diffuse Image Partial Shader
-13 Diffuse Image Partial Shaders
-67 Diffuse Colour Partial Shaders
-67 Metallic Flakes Colour Partial Shaders
-5 Metallicity Strength Partial Shaders
-6 Gloss Strength Partial Shaders plus OFF
-2 LIE Seams Options
-Transparency OFF Option
-10 Premade Materials

-A morph each for Bra and Pants, use before the simulation

-1 Simulation Setting plus Smoothing ON and OFF

Guide is also included to get you started.