dforce Take Ten Jumper Dress G3F G8F

dforce Take Ten Jumper Dress G3F/G8F

Now it’s time to take a break from all the glamour, the shopping, the night life and just hang back.
Why take Five when you can TAKE TEN?
This product is dforce ready and it is recommended to get the best out of the product but it is not required.


• 1 dforce jumper dress G3F
• 1 dforce jumper dress G8F

• 16 Mat Presets for the Jumper Dress/Prop Jumper Dress including variations
• IRAY Material Presets only

• Utility: No Poke Thru Inj/Rem

-Fun Props:

• 1 Take Ten Hanger
• 1 Hanging Smart Prop Jumper

• 3 Mat Presets for the hanger
• IRAY Material Presets only