Dinosaur Exhibition Gallery

Dinosaur Exhibition Gallery

Dinosaur Exhibition Gallery comes with a Tyrannosaur Skeleton fully rigged and animated as well as an environment with furniture and props.

Custom UVs have been made to create Dinosaurs Sculptures. Two products from Herschel Hoffmeyer were used : Tyrannosaurus Rex 2 for the gallery and Dakotaraptor for the room on the floor.

Dinosaurs Sculptures can be combined together, positioned or animated as you wish. By this way you can create your own exhibition sculpture collection.

All the Sculptures of the product promotion images are included.

The dinosaurs Sculptures are an option and not needed to play with Tyrannosaur Skeleton original figure, environment and furniture.

The Iray render of the environment with All Props is heavy and requires a robust graphics card with lots of memory.

Gallery comes all parts are separated with scene subset and allow you to render each part individually.

This product has been design for Iray only

What’s Included and Features
Dinosaur Exhibition Gallery (.DUF)
Dinosaur Exhibition Gallery (with all Props and Camera)
Exhibition Gallery (Empty Room)
Exhibition Gallery Props Entrance Room
Exhibition Gallery Props Gallery
Exhibition Gallery Props Floor
Tyrannosaur Skeleton
Fully articuled and rigged
Tyrannosaurus Skeleton Bone Material
Tyrannosaurus Skeleton Metal Material
10 Poses
Dinosaur Props
Dakotaraptor Female Sculpture
Dakotaraptor Juvenile Sculpture
Dakotaraptor Male Sculpture
Raptor Tyranosaur Hunter Sculpture
Tyrannosaurus Kill Sculpture
Tyrannosaurus Rex 2 Female Sculpture
Tyrannosaurus Rex 2 Juvenile Sculpture
Tyrannosaurus Rex 2 Male Sculpture
Furniture Props
Exhibition Gallery Bench
Gallery Frame Large
Gallery Frame Wall
Gallery Frame xLarge
Gallery TRex Fence
Showcase High All
Showcase High Large All
Showcase Large Shelf
Showcase Light
Showcase Low All
Showcase Low Large All
Showcase Shelf
Textures Include :
492 Texture, Bump, Metallic, Glossiness and Normal Maps (4096 X 4096 to 8192 x 8192)
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)
This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer

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Tyrannosaurus Rex