Dungeon Construction Set Pro by 3-D-C


Hero, your arrival
had been awaited!

Decades have passed by, since a human beeing has stepped down to this forgotten realms. Creatures of unspoken evil and a dark shadow have spreaden their wings down here.
It is time for you hero, to make your way down here and slay all the evil mist, bring the light back!

make your adventures real with this versatile dungeon set. Lot of options and additional stuff make this the perfect start into every fantasy story.

This set is build with caution and care to make it look realistic, but still to be easy to handle. We have included a compendium to give you help during your first steps down here.

About the Versatility ….

Every Part of the Construction Set is a boned figure. All pieces of the part can be separatly enabled and disabled. Style Poses do this as well for your. Use Sewer floors, or gutter floors, or wooden ceilings or stone. Apply different door styles or plain walls. Load additional Pillars, disable or enable torches … and and and.

This will give you hours and days to explore a world, unseen yet and unexplored!

30 additional poses for M4 and V4 help you starting your journey.
Out of the box this Set contains:


– Straight Part (completly boned)
– Straight End Part (completly boned)
– Cruve (completly boned)
– TPart (completly boned)
– XPart (completly boned)
– A treasure chest (can open the upper closing)
– A barrel (can disable up and downside)

– 30 basic poses for M4 and V4
– Room Set poses for every part mentioned above to
Enable different floor types, ceilings, doors etc.

– 4 handposes to grab the torch

– Pillar Prop with injected Morphs
– Banner Prop (Template PSD Included)
– 3D Fire (With Morphs)
– Chains for the walls

– An Ambient Setting
– A IBL Light for a torch

– three setup cams
– four main cams

– A torch smartprop for M4 and V4 right and left hand (with moph to enlight the fire)