Dynamic Qi Pao Dress

The Qi-Pao (or cheongsam) is a body-hugging one-piece chinese style dress. This style has been around since the the Qing Dynasty. Originally the qi-pao was wide and loose, covering most of a woman’s body. As time went by the qi-pao was changed to be more form fitting and revealing. With the style you see now coming out of Shighai in the 1920s.

This dynamic qi-pao for DS3 has 3 lengths Short, Medium and Long. Each length has two styles, first the more traditional short rounded corner slits on each side of the dress. The other style is a short rounded corner slits, with the left side being the traditional short slit, and a long sexy slit on the right.

There are 7 base colors, each with; no design, a dragon, flowers and Chinese symbols.

This qi-pao dress has been designed for V4, and will work with any of her morphs, and should work with other models to some degree