EArkham’s ZWorld Secret Alley

EArkham’s ZWorld Secret Alley

Find a hideaway from the monsters that go bump in the night, or create blackmarket deals in the comfort of urban decay within this large secret alley.

EArkham’s ZWorld Secret Alley includes one large alleyway with three integrated multipart buildings, two multipart standalone buildings, as well as over 30 assorted back street themed props and assets such as utility poles, lights, garbage bins, dumpsters, conduits and fire escapes. All buildings have simple interiors with opening doors, and two sets of utility poles have cables and are rigged, and the bins and dumpsters can open.

There are nearly two hundred textures with lots of detail and graffiti, many camera angles and opportunities for dramatic renders. Eleven different graffiti decal presets add colour to your alleyway, and if you like, you can remove and reposition the decals on other objects in the scene.

Also includes a full scene with an alleyway populated with props and several different camera angles to choose from.

This set includes a multilayer Iray only shader for the terrain and some walls, as well as emissive Iray materials. It is not designed for 3Delight, though experienced users will be able to configure the texture maps outside of the Iray shader if they so wish.