Ebil Baby for Caryn 8

Ebil Baby for Caryn 8

Ebil Baby expresses herself with a dozen customized pose controls that are set up as presets to easily change her anger to disgust or a menacing smile.

Reset presets are given to remove only the customized expressions in the pack plus another to zero out any Pose Control Head dials you may have added to tweak her countenance.

It is important to reset expressions before using another expression preset so that they do not multiply over the last.

There are two head morphs; one that is gaunt with sunken eyes and the other less gaunt morph which gives you an option to show Ebil Baby before she passed through the veil using other skins in your library.

Wipe a shape with the appropriate Zero preset before applying the next.

Material presets are provided in Iray. They include several eye options. Nail options have clean and chipped versions, and there are various color shades for the lips.

The full skins have a delicate brow version and one without. Face versions have the same bases as the full MATs; with and without brows. There is a blackened eye area mat, one where the skin around the eyes is blackish-red and another that is tear-stained to enhance the fiendish side of this baby.

For those who own Zev0’s Tongue Control HD For Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 Female and Male, there are bonus tongue expression morphs for the ebil one. A reset is included for these.

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Ebil Baby for Caryn 8