Ebil Baby Poses for Caryn 8

Ebil Baby Poses for Caryn 8

⟣ Ebil Baby Poses for Caryn 8 ⟢

Ebil Baby is out for you! She’s haunting all the corners and climbing the walls of the West Park Nursery.

This set of 17 poses have been optimized for Ebil Baby, based on Caryn HD. Many poses are in set form. The thumbnails have a color bar that matches the:

Camera Preset, which you apply first. This matches the position in the thumbnail. Please note that expected behavior for camera presets is that any existing cameras in the scene will be deleted.
Prop Pose Preset. Some poses will position a door or raise the front of a bedframe. Just select the prop after you apply the camera preset.
Positioned Pose Preset. Apply this to your selected Ebil Baby and she will interact with what’s in the camera view; sitting on top of file folders, on a rocker, at the door.
Regular Pose Preset. There are in a subfolder in the Poses folder. This pose can be applied anywhere you place your Ebil Baby.
Mirror poses are provided only for the regular poses. The door pose for the trolleys works for the same door on either trolley, and for any of the beds’ front frames.

Poses are designed to work and interact with the West Park Nursery and West Park Day Room.

Use the cameras to get around the room. Tip: need to get the lights to where your figure is? Select the light set, and apply the positioned pose preset.

To help you understand how this pose set works, a guide has been created and is provided in pdf format.

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What’s Included and Features
Ebil Baby Poses for Caryn 8 (.DUF)
12 Camera Presets
AtTheDoor – camera
Bedtime – camera
Bedtime2 – camera
ComingOut – camera
FileTopper – camera
FlyMyLovely – camera
InTheCabinet – camera
OutTheCabinet – camera
RockIt – camera
She’sAllRight – camera
SpiderWalk – camera
Summoning – camera
4 Prop Pose Presets
AtTheDoor -door
Bedtime2 – frame
ComingOut – door
12 Positioned Poses Presets
AtTheDoor – positioned pose
Bedtime – positioned pose
Bedtime2 – positioned pose
ComingOut – positioned pose
FileTopper – positioned pose
FlyMyLovely – positioned pose
InTheCabinet – positioned pose
OutTheCabinet – positioned pose
RockIt – positioned pose
She’sAllRight – positioned pose
SpiderWalk – positioned pose
Summoning – positioned pose
16 Regular Pose Presets
16 Mirrors of the Regular Poses
Daz Studio Pose Presets (.DUF)
This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer

Required:Link to post:
West Park Nursery
West Park Day Room Iray
Caryn HD for Genesis 8

Ebil Baby Poses for Caryn 8

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