Ebony and Ivory V4A4

Ebony and Ivory are both beautiful and versatile. They have the cuteness for Fae and Pixie renders, the beauty for Pinup and Glamor renders, and they also make enticing vampires. You will find many options in this package. We hope these characters will take your renders on a fantastic voyage of discovery.

2 complete characters each with-
* Full,head, and Body INJ/REM
* Nipple INJ/REM
* Elf Ears INJ/REM
* Vampire Teeth INJ/REM
* ?Hunger? Expression For Vamp Teeth
* Bloody Teeth Mat INJ/REM
* Default Mat ( Dark and Light Skin )
* 8 Soft Lips, 5 Fantasy lips, 1 Gloss
* 6 Body Tattoo sets
* 10 Soft Makeups
* 10 Fantasy Makeups
* 6 Fantasy Nails
* 12 Solid Nails
* Long-Short-Square Nail Options
* 7 Basic Eye Colors
* 7 Fantasy Eye Colors
* Black and Red Sclera Option
* Bloody Tear Option
* 3 Lash Styles
* 2 Genital Morphs ( Can be mixed )

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