EJ Eternity for Genesis 8 Female

EJ Eternity is a beautiful character for Genesis 8 Female that includes 4 skin tones, fantasy makeups including Stitched Mouth and others, a classic oracle tattoo in her torso, special eyes, nail morphs, custom detail morphs on the body, and casual makeups and lips. Eternity joins a beautiful appealing look that may be perfect for casual, action, fantasy or sci-fi themes, with a set of horror options that you will love for Gothic, dark, witchery or sorcery themes. To show Eternity as a living character, we also included 10 subtle expressions in this product, that you can use in your images to reflect her personality.

CHARACTER MORPHS: Long square nails, stiletto nails, and head morph. There is a custom morph that simulates the external Anatomical Elements over Genesis 8 Female base mesh. She also includes lacrimal JCMs to get a natural look when looking toward the sides. The head morph is custom, so it doesn’t need anything else to work. The body uses Genesis 8 Female Body Morphs for maximum compatibility with all your clothing, plus a custom Extra Features morph to detail some extra areas like the collarbone and neck and hand details, that can independently be turned off.

SKIN TONES: You have 4 skin tones that can be mixed with any tattoo or makeup: the default one, a darker one, deep tan, light tan. With them, you can change her skin tone to match people from different countries or in different situations, with more tan or less.

MAKEUP OPTIONS: Eternity has casual makeups that make her beautiful eyes and lips even more lovely, and also special makeups: Dripping Makeup, Stitched Mouth, and Oracle. For the nails you have 7 nice colors, including the classic deep carmine, black, and french nails.

TATTOO OPTIONS: Eternity has a chest tattoo depicting the classic oracle. You can mix the tattoos with any skin tone or makeup.

EXPRESSIONS: EJ Eternity includes 10 full face expressions, that can be applied with icons and using Pose Control Dials. You can also mix and match the full face expressions applied with the icons with the dials, to change them as you wish.

This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer


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