EJ Ethnic Male Beauty for Genesis 8 Male

EJ Ethnic Male Beauty For Genesis 8 Male(s) is a collection of 42 custom sculpted morphs that shape your Genesis 8 to reflect a beauty ideal of 7 ethnic groups: Craig (African), Kamesh (Indian), Ichiro (Asian), Lorenzo (Latin), Kainalu (Polynesian), Cheveyo (Native American), and Tom (Caucasian).

You can morph the full figure, or only the head or body, or mix and match the lips, eyes, and nose of each ethnics with the others to get unique looks, or create mixed ethnic characters. Add variety and customization to your renders with this morph collection, a must have for Genesis 8 Male!

This is a morphs product, no textures are included.

;EASE OF USE: To apply the shapes, you can use the 7 full shape icons in your library that load the head and body shapes for each ethnic group. If you want to mix and match the different morphs for body, head, eyes, nose and lips to get other shapes. You can do it using the dials, making the possible combinations huge. The body morphs are located in a folder at Full Body/Realworld/EJ Ethnics, and the head morphs are located at Head/Realworld/EJ Ethnics, and the face partial morphs are in the Eyes, Mouth, and Nose categories inside it.

USABILITY FEATURES: These morphs work on Genesis 8 Male(s), and all figures based on him. The skeleton has been adjusted to the shape to ease the use of these morphs.