EJ Handbags Collection and Poses for Genesis 8 Female(s)

EJ Handbags Collection and Poses for Genesis 8 Female(s)

EJ Handbags Collection and Poses is the perfect accessory set that will put the piece that your female renders need to look complete, detailed, and appealing. A must have!

EJ Handbags Collection and Poses is a pack of 5 different kinds of handbags, 8 materials for each one, and 20 poses to use them in your renders (4 for each handbag). They can fit any situation, character, age, or render theme, as a handbag is always essential.
You also have arm and hand poses to use the handbags with other pose packs, or build your own. Just apply any pose you have, and then the base pose for arm or hand, and the handbag will be hold correctly. In addition, there are material presets to give high versatility to each handbag, with illustrations, leather and suede, and even sequins.

Each handbag has two versions: one parented to Genesis 8 Female hand or collar, and the other unparented, to be placed anywhere (like for example over a table). Note: the unparented prop versions of the handbags don’t have straps. This is done for placing them easier over objects

The handbag poses have been made to show it in the usual positions that the particular type of handbag is worn. For example, the Bowler handbag can be hold in the hand or in the forearm, and the Clutch in the hand, the Drawstring and the Saddle in the shoulder, and the Tote in the shoulder under the arm.

This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer


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