Electric Guitar Collection Accessories

Electric Guitar Collection Accessories

What’s a guitar without an amp?
And a case?

The full accessory set for the Electric Guitar Collection comes with a compact practice amp, as well as a tube head and angled and straight speakers ready for stacking, all with rigged cords.
Plus a cool vintage microphone with rigged cord and presets for a full speaker stack AND a giant speaker wall!

Did we mention cases?

How about a rigged universal case for each guitar PLUS a bonus custom-shaped Flyer case.
Your gearhead character needs their musical gear!

Need a stand?
How about a seat?

We’ve included single or triple guitar stands complete with multiple light colors, intensities and light patterns that come empty or pre-loaded for guitars from the separate Electric Guitar Collection pack.
PLUS your choice of wooden or metal guitar stools with tons of material choices.
And yeah….you can slap matching skulls or flames on those to match your custom guitars, too!

So set the stage and get ready to rock!

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Electric Guitar Collection for Genesis 8 and Genesis 3 Male and Female