Ellie Hair for Genesis 8 Females

Ellie Hair for Genesis 8 Females

Does your Genesis 8 Female need a gorgeous and cool braided hair?

Ellie Hair is a high-quality hair package for Genesis 8 Female(s). This hairstyle always draws attention, and on top of that, is really pretty!

Ellie Hair comes with 30 base colors, plus 4 Backlight and 3 Specular options. It not only has 5 blow dials and 14 style dials but also has lots of style morphs that you can customize styles yourself.

The hair comes with an articulate rig for shaping and posing, with 20 bones for bangs, braids and other hair, that includes many bangs and braids styles presets for ease of use Ellie Hair also comes with 10 amazing hair accessories to customize your characters even more!

Get Ellie Hair Hair for your Genesis 8 Female(s) today!

This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer


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