Emission Profile Master

2018-03-21 – Updated to 1.0.5
  • IES profiles are now forced with the extension .ies as Iray refuses to load them otherwise.
  • Added an option for content relative path to save .ies profile file links correctly inside props made for distribution.

Bring out the real power of Iray lighting using IES-profiles. This DAZ Studio Script will let you create and apply IES-profiles to mesh lights in your scene. As Iray is somewhat picky about the structure of a mesh used with IES-profile, this set also comes with two emissive props, ready to use, one round and one rectangular.

The set also comes with a quick guide to let you start using IES-profiles in your renders in no time.

IES is a rather huge and complex standard for describing how light is emitted from light bulbs and other light sources. Iray implements a subset of the standard and Emission Profile Master is built to get the most out of what Iray has to offer when it comes to the usage of IES-profiles.

This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer


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