Everyday Feelings for Genesis 3 Female(s)

Since I’ve had many people inquire about the various expressions I use in my promos and where could they find them, I decided to finally release some of them!

This package includes 30 custom expressions that cover a wide variety of everyday feelings and emotions.

Each expression is both a morph dial and a 1 click shape preset, you can use them as is OR you can mix and match the morph dials to create hundreds of custom expressions!

Don’t forget you can also use these expressions on ANY G3F based model, SOME may require a bit of tweaking on child or tween type models (Tongue Out for example with Tween Julie will require you use the Tongue up down dial to pull the tongue up a bit higher)

Included Expressions are as follows:

Annoyed, Befuddled, Confused, Daydreaming, Dreamy, Fear, Flirty, Forlorn, Gasp, Happy, Huh, Joy, Kiss Eyes Closed, Kiss Eyes Open, Let_Down, Lovingly, Plotting, Ponder, Pouty, Shocked, Sickly, Simple Smile, Sneaky, Sweetness, Tongue Out, Unnerved, Upset, Wicked, Wince, Worry