Exnem Huntress Outfit for G8 Female

Exnem Huntress Outfit for G8 Female

This is a very detailed set of meshes to create a “Huntress” outfit.

Included are 11 different outfit parts which can be loaded independently, perfect to mix and match with other accessories.

Each outfit part auto conforms with all Genesis 8 Female base morphs and body morphs.

Shorts and Vest have these special morphs included:

Expose Left Breast
Expose Right Breast
Crotch Coverage
Pull Crotch Left
Pull Crotch Right
Pull Down All
Pull Down Back
Pull Down Front
Pull Down Left
Pull Down Right

Default materials are for Iray. There’s a materials folder with materials for both Iray and 3Delight renderers.

3 Sets of materials for each part are included; Blue, yellow and red.