Expressions for the MilGirls

Expressions for the MilGirls
32 expressions, each has a PreTeen Version and a PreSchool Version – that’s 64 Expressions in total!
The expressions: Amused, Angry, Big Smile, ‘Bit Sad, Closed Smile, Cry, Cute Smile, Determined, Don’t Wanna, Evil Smile, Fear, Ha!, Half-Smile, Happy, Hmm, Innocence, Kiss, Laugh, Nice Thoughts, Sad, Scream, Silly, Simple Smile, Sleep, Sneeze, Stubborn, Surprise, Sweet, Upset, What The–, Wink, Yeah Right.

All expressions are loaded using fc2 files with the addition of 2 “Zeroed Expression” files (one for the Preteen and one for the Preschool), so that you can remove the expression at will.
**Expressions will NOT affect your character morph!

Also included 8 partial poses that affect the upper part of the body (work both for the Preteen and the Preschool), created especially for portraits.
All poses have a camera setting to go with them. Extra 4 camera positions for the Face Camera are also included.

So, in short, here’s what you get:
– 32 different expressions for Millennium Girl Preschool (MGPS).
– 32 different expressions for Millennium Girl Preteen (MGPT).
– 1 zeroed expression file for the MGPS.
– 1 zeroed expression file for the MGPT.
– 8 partial poses (affect the upper body) that work both for the MGPS and the MGPT.
– 12 camera positions.