Fantasy Styles for Lyra Outfit

Lyra Fantasy is a fantasy focused add-on for Lyra Outfit for Genesis 8 Female. With this add-on Lyra can easily be used for any kind of fantasy render, but it can also be used for posh and elegance scenes, modern gothic scenes, vampire outfits and anything where decorated leather or a magic crystal can fit.

Aery Mage Style: takes its design elements from our Aery Mage Outfit, with hard leather decorated with hand-drawn flourishes, striped softer leather and embroidered fabric. We also included a black leather and gold decoration variants for more versatility.

Bloodstone: as we created for our Exquisite Jewels, Bloodstone is a fusion of Magical crystal and decorated metals paired to elegant decorated fabric. It comes in Red and Silver (matching our Ornaments Ascended material) and also Blue crystal and Gold and Green Crystal and Bronze.

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Lyra Outfit for Genesis 8