Fathom: Guardian Of Atlantis

Fathom: Guardian Of Atlantis
Chosen by Poseidon, she was a guardian;

The guardian of the crystal that held the city of Atlantis together

as well as the princess who unknowingly wore it.

Main Contents:

A Gorgeous Custom Head and Body Morph

Fin Injection (For Ears)

1 Natural Skin

1 Irridescent Fish Skin with Scales

1 Handpainted 2nd skin outfit

10 Makeup Options:

Makeup comes in both natural as well as for her Aquatic side

| Red Tide – Red | Rip Current – Green | Tidal Wave – Silver | Tsunami – Blue | Whirlpool – Gold |

6 Eye Options:

| Blue | Light Green | Green | Hazel | Gray | Fisheye |

2 Eye Reflections are also included, as well as an off switch for them

15 Backgrounds:

An array of environments, featuring both submerged and above ground settings

Backgrounds are rendered in Vue at varying screen resolutions, exact to or greater than 1000 x 1000

15 Lights:

All of which are carefully matched to the backgrounds by coloring and light,

so perfect lighting is acheived no matter which background you decide to use

15 Poses:

Includes special poses that were created to go with the Armor and Trident

Simply click on the props to load them and then use the poses

7 Props:

| Bracers | Shin Guards | Pauldrons | Trident | Atlantean Ruins | Atlantean Column | Column – Short |

Armor and Trident are for use with the poses included; simply load prop, then pose

All props have obj’s included for use in other rendering programs

Special Features:

* Included are 3 other options: Wet on/off, Lip Gloss on/off and Light or Dark tone

* Head morph is a mixture of DAZ morphs and our own custom morphs; Her body is provocative and sexy

* Injections/Removes are seperated for easy removal

* Use her as a human or as her aquatic form

Required Products:

Victoria 3 Base, Head and Body Morphs from DAZ