Flinks Snowy Coniferous Forest

Flinks Snowy Coniferous Forest

Flinks Snowy Coniferous Forest contains:

10 different forest tiles, each consisting of 9 individual objects:
– Ground
– Big Groundcover (snow covered heaps)
– Small Groundcover (snow covered stones)
– Small conifers
– Small Conifers Snow (snow matching the Small Conifers)
– Small Conifers Candles (candles matching the Small Conifers)
– Big Conifers
– Big Conifers Snow (snow matching the Big Conifers)
– Big Conifers Candles (candles matching the Big Conifers)

which can also be loaded individually and combined in different ways.
there are 8 normal sized tiles (43×43 Poser Units) and 2 double sized tiles (86×86 Poser Units). The 2 big tiles are designed to quickly create backgrounds, the trees and objects have fewer polygons than the normal tiles.

14 circle objects:
– FSCF-Circle1-Conifers
– FSCF-Circle1-Conifers-Candles
– FSCF-Circle1-Conifers-Snow
– FSCF-Circle1-GC-big
– FSCF-Circle2-Conifers
– FSCF-Circle2-Conifers-Candles
– FSCF-Circle2-Conifers-Snow
– FSCF-Circle2-GC-big
– FSCF-SmallCircle1-GC-big
– FSCF-SmallCircle1-GC-small
– FSCF-SmallCircle2-GC-big
– FSCF-SmCi1-Conifer-small
– FSCF-SmCi1-Conifer-small-Candle
– FSCF-SmCi1-Conifer-small-Snow
smaller than the tiles and more flexible in use.
The Conifer objects (conifer,snow,candles) are also included as already combined objects.

8 already finished tile sets, most tile sets with candles (deleting them later is easier than adding them later)

10 different candle materials:
– Candles-blue
– Candles-green
– Candles-multi
– Candles-multi2
– Candles-multi3
– Candles-multi4
– Candles-orange
– Candles-red
– Candles-white
– Candles-yellow

3 different ground textures

various material options for Poser and DAZ, a total of 28 materials for Poser, 16 for DAZ/3Delight and 31 for DAZ/Iray

the new snow materials for Superfly and Iray are included as shaders and can be assigned to any material. This allows you to compensate for an uneven look when different products with different snow materials are used in the scene.

The tiles are compatible with the tiles of my other forest packages and the corresponding tiles of the Instant Meadow 3 series. So the conifers without snow can also be used for a mixed forest or with the IM3 products for summer scenes.

In addition, they match my Conifer3 packages optically, but are less detailed and therefore only conditionally suitable for close-ups.


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