FM Gym


Did you ever wonder how Genesis models stay in such good shape?

Those fit, muscular bodies don`t come free, they require hard workouts in the Gym!

FM Gym is a fitness center with fully functional Workout Stations.

The focus is on machines for strength and power training. You can load the the full presets with everything in place, or build your own setting using the “Room Empty” preload and filling it with the included training machines and props (barbells, dumbbells, racks).

Everything is offered in a white, red and black version. Colors can quite easily be changed too. All (mechanical) Workout Stations can be posed or animated with a single slider. Where applicable you will also find sliders for specific adjustments, for example the height of a pull-bar, to make it easier to adjust to various characters.

You can change the amount of weights to be used with parenting/unparenting or adding/removing. The Dumbbells are included as both normal props and smart-props for Genesis 3 Male and Female.

Everything in the set is available for both Iray and 3Delight, both carefully adjusted to play to their respective strength.

Altogether FM Gym is a great set for your fitness and bodybuilding themed renders.