Fog Camera

This is a prop-based camera built from layered planes for creating thick, patchy or smooth fog; smoke; underwater haze; low clouds; or sandstorms. There are 29 materials including color overlays, and various densities. There is a depth render material for Iray and 3Delight to assist in making masks for image editing. This set includes a gray gradient HDR render setting that provides fast ambient lighting.

Apply materials to the fog prop, not camera.
Multiple fog props can be used at one time.
Beyond the presets you can scale the Z axis (Fog Prop Depth) to control density or adjust surfaces manually.
Similar to real fog, light direction can also affect density.
With most of the promos, the fog prop was scaled just enough to encompass the depth of the main figures and props.
Use the widen angle morph to fit the camera’s focal length.
The fog naturally creates DOF and some bloom effects – but turning these on, especially for underwater scenes, can create even more depth and drama.
The train promo uses two fog props, scaled and set at different angles.
Choose the render setting and depth mask material for depth renders, which can be used as masks in image editing. This material preset has no refraction so the planes may show on smaller scenes. If this occurs, use DOF or blur the image in post work.

See the ReadMe for more tips and check out the forum commercial thread for product discussions.