Forbidden Pain

Accessories with ATTITUDE!

A 13 piece smartprop jewellery set comprising of individual left & right earrings and matching neckwear for each of the following: Handcuffs, Razorblades, Knuckledusters and Barbed Wires.

It includes fits for V4 (default), A4 and G4 and plenty of adjustment Morphs!

(*will fit other characters but it will require some tweaking)

This product includes:

– 02 Barbedwire choker smartprops
– 01 Left Barbedwire earring smartprop
– 01 Right Barbedwire earring smartprop

– 01 Handcuffs necklace smartprop
– 01 Left Handcuff earring smartprop
– 01 Right Handcuff earring smartprop

– 01 Razorblade necklace smartprop
– 01 Left Razorblade earring smartprop
– 01 Right Razorblade earring smartprop

– 01 Knuckleduster necklace smartprop
– 01 Left Knuckleduster earring smartprop
– 01 Right Knuckleduster earring smartprop

– 01 Metal Shader (Poser 6 +)
– 01 Metal Shader (Daz|Studio 2+)*

(*in seperate DAZ zip file)


An earlier version of this product was available at SynfulMindz for a few months in 2010, however it has been HUGELY updated:

– A4 and G4 fits
– A wide range of adjustment morphs
– New/optimised meshes
– Improved poser shader
– Daz|Studio shader

ALL accessories now feature enlargement morphs, not just the Knuckleduster earrings.

This pack also includes a DS shader (for Daz|Studio 2 and up) in an additional zip file.
(This Shader also works with the new Daz|Studio 4 but will have to be manually placed as the folder structure has changed.)