Gaia for Genesis 8 – Character & Geo Shell Outfit

Gaia for Genesis 8 – Character & Geo Shell Outfit

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Meet Gaia for Genesis 8 Female!

She comes with makeup, eye color options, nail and toenail color options and a geo shell outfit with material options.

Included in this package


1 Face Morph
1 Body Morph
1 Full Mat apply
8 Eye Color Options
1 Longer Lash Option
2 Lash Styles
9 Lip Colors
9 Make-ups
4 dials included for the head morphs, body morphs, lash morph, and full morphs.

IRAY mats only!

~~~~ Geo Shell Outfit ~~~~

1 Geo Shell outfit with 12 different material settings included – This option will load a Geo Shell for you.

Materials for the Geo Shell:
Aquamarine Mat
Azure Mat
Blue Dream Mat
Canary Mat
Diamond Mat
Gun Powder Mat
Lipstick Mat
Neo Purple Mat
Rosie Mat
Scarlette Mat
Serpent Mat
White Mat

IRAY materials only