Game Developer Kit for DAZ Studio

Game Developer Kit for DAZ Studio
DAZ 3D is known for exquisitely detailed models in high resolution meshes and textures. Now a set of tools is available that will convert polygons to triangles and reduce high density meshes and high resolution textures to sizes and formats easily managed by today?s most popular game engines.

Developers and artists now have the tools required to take DAZ 3D models directly from DAZ Studio to game engines or other real-time applications.

Once you have created and customized your characters in DAZ Studio it’s as easy as:

1. Use Decimator for DAZ Studio to reduce the number of polys to the desired level.
2. Use Texture Atlas for DAZ Studio to combine, scale, and size the textures as needed.
3. Use FBX Plug-in for DAZ Studio to export directly to game engines as FBX files.

This combination of tools for DAZ Studio forms a complete character and asset pipeline directly to game engines and other real-time 3D applications.
Game Developer Kit for DAZ Studio