Gareth for G8M

Gareth is an highly realistic man for Genesis 8 Male.

He was created distinctly for Artists who like realism in their renders.

The head is custom morphed but the body INJ and REM require Genesis 8 Male Body Morphs to work properly:

DAZ files:

– Apply Head
– Remove Head
– Apply Body
– Remove Body
– MAT Iray
– MAT Body With G8M Genitalia
– MAT G8M Genitalia Cut
– MAT G8M Genitalia Uncut
– MAT Arm With Tattoo
– MAT Arm No Tattoo
– 4 MAT Face
– 7 MAT Eye Colors

This item works only in DAZ and there are DUF files in it.


Just another 3D hobbyist living in the East Coast USA.