Genesis 3 to Genesis 8 Pose Converter

UPDATED:  August 22 2017: 
Copies metadata from original pose files
Supports hierarchical pose presets
Added support for Genesis 8 Male
Added popup when adding and removing menu entries
Incremented to v1.2

Have you tried to use your library of Genesis 3 poses on Genesis 8? Are the pose results not matching up quite as expected? Then this product is for you.

The base pose of Genesis 8 is different to Genesis 3, therefore Genesis 3 poses cannot be used without some form of translation in order to represent the original pose. This is where our pose converter comes in. With this product you can now convert and save all of your Genesis 3 Poses to Genesis 8, or simply convert loaded poses on the fly. With just a few clicks, your Genesis 8 figure will be in posing heaven. As a Bonus, this product also contains scripts allowing you to reverse the process where Genesis 3 can use Genesis 8 Poses.

The Pose Converter has been optimized for users who use Smart Content and for those who use Content Library.