Genesis 3 UVs for Genesis 2 Female(s)

You can now use Genesis 3 textures on your favourite Genesis 2 figures.

By using geografts as second skins, with their own independent UV maps, we can bridge the seam differences between the UV maps of the two generations of Genesis. This means that the full Genesis 3 textures can be used on Genesis 2.

The preparation stage loads the geografts and creates Genesis 3 Surface Selection Sets for Genesis 2. An optional toolbar obviates the need to navigate back and forth between folders. UV support for the Anatomical Elements is also included.

See the product documentation for complete instructions on how to use.

What’s Included and Features
Genesis 3 UVs for Genesis 2 Female(s) Scripts: (.DSA)
!Prepare Genesis 2 Female
Apply Genesis 3 Female UVs
Genesis 3 Surfaces
Add Toolbar
Remove Toolbar
Start Surfaces
Genesis 3 UVs for Genesis 2 Female(s) Geografts: (.DUF)
Geograft Head
Geograft Leg_L
Geograft Leg_R
Geograft Shldr L
Geograft Shldr R
Detailed user Guide (.PDF)
Textures Include:
Texture Templates available through the Product Library