Genesis Generation X2


(2016 genesis 3 update – PC)

Genesis Generation X2 (short GenX2 or just GenX) transfers morphs from legacy Poser figures to Genesis figures and between different versions of Genesis.
Transfer your favorite shapes of older figures to the new Genesis figures. GenX2 may either transfer a complete character comprising several morphs as one combined morph, or it may transfer each single morph including all automated correction morphs, so you can work with the transferred morphs in your Genesis figure just as in the original figure. GenX2 also translates poses or expressions with morph values and morph injections or shaping presets to be used with the transferred morphs.
The new version has a large number of new features and improvements. It is now also possible to transfer morphs between different versions of Genesis. Differences in the rigging are handled automatically. Clone morphs are transferred into full working morphs if required. The new edges and smooth transfer quality options will improve the quality of the transferred morphs. In addition, all figure-specific information used for transfer has been reworked.
The GenX2 plugin includes support for the generation 4 Poser figures (Victoria 4, Michael 4, and Kids 4) as well as for Genesis (version 1). Further figures are supported by add-ons sold separately. To transfer morphs from or to Genesis 2, the GenX2 AddOn for Genesis 2 is required.

(Serial – SDZGENX-010-0010829-SDL-001-VBVESPF i think the old GENX serials work on this product too.)