Her face is a custom sculpt, requiring no morph packages to use. Giselle also comes with two body injection poses to create her curvy and athletic figure. One uses the morphs++ and Elite Shapes morphs and the second adds to that shape with some of the Stephanie Petite 4 morphs. Giselle also has a special genital morph that does not require any morph packages to work.

Giselle has 10 MU options with no hair and 10 with her painted hair, giving you 20 options to choose from. And each of those makeup options has three levels of lip gloss to select from as well. And there is also a custom “bun” prop to match her painted hair textures.

Along with the MU selections, she has 6 realistic eye colors to compliment them and 4 reflection options for them.
Topping it all off, Giselle has 8 nail options and a lovely orchid tattoo on her left foot.