Goblin Cleric

Highly detailed fantasy outfit for Predatron’s Goblin. Includes a set of Robes with many morphs and a variety of body handles for more precise posing. The Robes come with seven base textures along with seven dirty versions.

There are a pair of leather Sandals included. The detailed belt comes with attached items such as bags, pouches, a gourd and small barrel. Each item can be easily posed with trans and rotation dials. The necklace also can be easily posed with each tooth and skull set as body parts. The robes, necklace and belt have been given pose files to match each of the 14 original poses that comes with the base figure. The original poses have also been included in this set for ease of use when posing. Lastly is a highly detailed fantasy staff with morphs to hide either the skull or animal skin grip.

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