Goblin Warrior Poses

Goblin Warrior Poses

The world of the Goblins is a complicated one. A good many folks find you repulsive, some are desperately afraid of you, and then there are those who think you are just so adorable. This set of 3D action poses cover a range of battle situations.

A variety of expressions or emotions have been provided. Character modification, custom and scaling channels have been removed from the face files.

Note: These expression files will NOT alter your morphed characters.

The Hand files only effect the grip of the fingers and thumb, not the hand rotation or morphs. The resulting hand grips can be mixed and matched for your additional favorite weapons such as clubs or bare hands and fists.

Do you have a favorite weapon you would like to use with the poses? Simply load the new weapon, adjust the hand to match, and apply the included “! Lock Grip” hand file to the hand and pose away!

Required Products
Predatrons Goblin

Goblin Warrior Poses