GOBLINZ Mega Bundle

GOBLINZ  Mega Bundle
GoblinZ… the name is synonymous with horrid little green creatures that hide in the dark places of the earth, waiting in the corners and crawlspaces, looking for mischief and mayhem….
Little known to humanity and the other races of the world they number in the millions… hiding out in caves and crevices, sharping their blades and grinding their teeth. Soon their Dark Nameless Lords will gather them up and release the Goblin masses into the world as the final battle horn is sounded. Be forewarned… The Horde is coming… Coming for YOU!

What’s Included:

  • GOBLINZ – Base Figure
  • GOBLINZ – Assassinz
  • GOBLINZ – Troopz
  • GOBLINZ – Slaver
  • GOBLINZ – Whargz & Rider
  • Goblinz Gnomely
  • Goblinz Pose Pack 1
  • Goblinz Pose Pack 2
  • Gobz Faces Gobz
  • Faces 2 Gobz Faces 3
  • NightGoblins for Poser
  • Dire Wasp Goblinz Mount

GOBLINZ  Mega Bundle