Graphic Novel Shaders and Lights

This light rig and shader set allows you to quickly convert whole scenes to render in a graphic novel style with sharp dramatic shadows and highlights. Go for Default colors, color override, or black and white. The shaders allow you to customize how the sharp/soft and bright/dark surfaces render. The light rig and color presets allow you to quickly change all lights in the scene. You can adjust lights further by the use of utilities that change brightness or hide parts of the rig. The GNS prop is rigged so that you can bend the panels out or in, twist to hide panels from the camera or scale them to change the amount of area hit by the light.

15 HDRIs are also included to assist with dramatic background lighting. There are two bloom settings included, which look fantastic in darker scenes.

This light rig is easily scaled to fit your scene and has panels that can be rotated to customize light and shade. Additionally, you can hide the panels from camera view.

Light Rig moves with the camera for continual, easy lighting.

This set renders quickly allowing you to easily create a whole story.

Check out the forum commercial thread for product discussions.

The ReadMe has additional tips.

This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer


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