Grime-Inizer for Poser

Grime-Inizer for Poser

Grunge up anything with a single click! Grime-Inizer is the hybrid shader you?ve been waiting for to meet all your griminess needs. It includes incredibly detailed textures to grunge up any surface without replacing your texture maps. Your textures will still be visible as you stack layers of different kinds of grime on top of it. There are presets for Dirty, Filthy, Grimy, Gritty, Small and Large Mud Splatter, Cracked and Scratchy. Apply them to skin, hair, clothes, props, animals…anything at all.

Grime-Inizer uses Poser Python scripting called from .pz2 files in you pose library to make shaders behave in ways you never dreamed possible.

A set of next-generation Shaders for Poser, it marries the quality of custom texture maps and the convenience and flexibility of shaders.

These hybrid shades have the following properties:
They can be applied to ANY surface ? human skin, clothes, props, hair ? like any other shader.
Existing texture maps will not be replaced. The shaders incorporate math nodes so the original texture is still visible beneath them.
Existing maps will not be replaced, but will be layered over.
Bump, displacement and specularity is included where appropriate.
They can be layered over existing shaders.
You can assign the shader to any and all material zones from selecting the material zone from a popup window.

This shader, and others like it, have the ability to change the way you render, put easy continuity within your reach and substantially reduce the amount of post work needed to attain aged, grunge and worn effects.